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Underground Multi 8-Figure eCom Tycoon’s New Masterclass Reveals:

How To Duplicate The New e-Commerce Business Model That 531+ People Are Already Using To Consistently Generate $10k+ Per Month In 2024

Without any tech skills or investing a cent in inventory and ads upfront - yet maintain high margins and fast shipping

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What is Branded Dropshipping?

Branded Dropshipping is a new, counterintuitive eCommerce model that I used to generate multiple 8-figures in eCom sales without having to invest in inventory, sell low quality products, or spend thousands on ads upfront.

It’s the same system that I first taught inside a few private masterminds, which led to countless regular people starting semi-automated 6 & 7 figure eCommerce stores in record time, despite previously struggling with eCommerce (you can read their stories below).

We achieve this by dropshipping high-quality, branded products from US suppliers that we initially launch on free TikTok traffic.

And as a result, this allows you to create an online income stream on the side without spending a ton of money or sacrificing your free time, and it even allows you to keep your current job if you'd like....  - this is the Branded Dropshipping Masterclass.

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The Branded Dropshipping Masterclass is a shortcut

Before I discovered Branded Dropshipping - I was struggling with my eCommerce and making money online for years and was on the verge of giving up.

I was in debt, working as an IT consultant, hopping from business model to business model, trying to make money online.

Eventually, I settled on dropshipping and I dropped £5,000 on an agency to run my dropshipping store’s ads, just for them to burn my money.

I got myself a deal I never signed up for.

Which led me to questioning everything and eventually turning the entire model upside down, breaking all the rules and freeing me from the chains of the old ways.

After several years of trial-and-error, testing everything and figuring things out the hard way - without anyone guiding me, I finally reached a point where I was able to do multiple 8-figures in sales and live a life of complete financial freedom and abundance thanks to this new eCommerce business model.

Now, you have the opportunity to duplicate the entire Branded Dropshipping system I built by watching a $3.00 masterclass called the Branded Dropshipping Masterclass

Here's how it works:


Branded Dropshipping Masterclass

Comprehensive training which shows the entire inner workings of my business and everything you need to know to replicate it

3 FREE Fast Action Bonuses

Free Traffic Startup

A comprehensive guide revealing exactly how you can get your first sales using free TikTok traffic, allowing you to reinvest and get started without a multi-thousand dollar ad budget.

AI Shortcuts Guide

In this guide I'll show you all of the AI shortcuts that I've found, allowing you to save as much time, money, and energy by leveraging the hottest new technology. What I share in this video is like a cheatcode that will make your job 5 times easier.

Private E-Com Community

As a branded Dropshipping Masterclass member, you'll get access to a private community where myself and other eCom entrepreneurs talk shop, help each other out, and share the hottest new tactics & strategies.

These Are The Results That JUST A FEW Of My Students Have Gotten With This Model:

You can find heaps more of these at the bottom of this page. Even though I was never out there Guruing, I have more testimonials than most Gurus combined just from sharing my system in small mastermind groups lol...

...And This Is A Thank You Post My Supplier Made About Me On Their Website For Helping Their Sellers:

Here's How I Went From Struggling With e-Com To Multiple 8-Figures In Sales In Record Time By Ignoring The Common Wisdom, Breaking All The Rules, And Turning The Shopify Dropshipping Model Upside Down 

 This Is Something Completely New, Completely Different, Completely Unlike Anything You've
Ever Heard of Before - Read The Story Below To Discover The Branded Dropshipping Masterclass

Dear Future 7-Figure Store Owner

From: The laptop of Krste Kovaceski

Re: Your Freedom (and why this is your only way out)

Would it surprise you to learn that I did multiple 8-figures in sales using the system revealed in this $3 masterclass?

And that the information revealed in this masterclass has helped countless regular people create semi-automated 6 & 7 figure eCom stores...


You should be.

After all, you can’t believe everything you read on the internet :-)

so let me prove it to you

But first, read this disclaimer:

I have the benefit of 6 years of eCommerce experience..

The average person who buys any “how to” information gets little to no results. I’m using these references for example purposes only.

Your results will vary and depend on many factors …including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic.

All purchases entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action.
If you're not willing to accept that, please DO NOT GET THIS MASTERCLASS.

And yes, it took me time and energy to achieve my results.

 With that said … let me jump right in and show you...

These are the results that some of my stores generated over the past 4 years

And I Did It By Using A Completely Counterintuitive Model That I’m About To Share With You On This Very Page…

The same Branded Dropshipping model that regular people from all over the world are now using to make a hefty full time income online…

And in turn become financially free faster than ever before…

All while choosing where and when they want to work, so they are in control of their time and life.

And best of all? Without having to hustle to start a business or risk investing a lot of money in something that might fail.

Just Like Gary, Who Studied My System And 12 Days Later Did $20,196+ In Profit In The Next 2 Weeks

Soon After, He Posted This In The Private FB Community Where I Taught This:

And Gay isn’t the only one either…

This Is Thyagarajan, Another Student Of Mine, Who Studied My System…

...And soon did $51k in sales in only a few months...

Here’s a post he posted in the private FB Community where I taught this...

And even though he made $10k+ in profit only his first 2 months, that's not the best part...

The best part is he was able to automate his store and sustain his success.

That's right, he was able to do this over and over because he was following a proven system.

This was a followup post he made more recently.

Here’s another eCom store owner who started using these strategies…

Meet Zinedine Who Scaled To $3k Per Day In Profit

Gary, Thyagarajan, And Zinedine Are A Group Of The New Wave Of Over 1,000 Branded Dropshippers Who Are Doing Things Differently…

And you can BET...

This Branded Dropshipping model is unlike any method you heard of before…

…This is something completely different, because…

  • We don’t sell cheap items from China

  • We don’t keep or store expensive inventory

  • We don’t spend thousands on ads upfront

  • We don’t sell low-margin, saturated products

  • ​We don’t sell products that take months to arrive

In fact: we rarely (if ever) do we spend more than $100 before seeing profit

Instead We Dropship High-Quality, High-Margin, Unsaturated Products From US Suppliers...

Like I said…

This is something completely different and it has the power to change everything for you……and I know that’s true…

Because it changed everything for me.

The Branded Dropshipping model allowed me to get rid of 99% of all the BS that I hated when it comes to starting an online business…

  • Like guesswork or worrying about what to sell

  • Holding inventory

  • Investing thousands in ads upfront

  • Dealing with annoyed customers

  • Coding and doing other technical stuff that felt like Quantum Physics

Branded Dropshipping Freed Me From All That And It Allowed Me To Turn The $48 Trillion e-Commerce Industry Into My Own Personal ATM And Spend My Time However I Want

Here’s what my life used to look like (and if you’ve ever ran a business before or tried making money online, then I’m sure you can relate)…

I call this the “Hamster Wheel Of Frustration”:

  Step 1 - Watch some Youtube video teaching some new method or business model

  Step 2 - Pick a market

  Step 3 - Find an unproven product/service to sell or promote

  Step 4 - Make content, spend thousands on ads, or spam people to make sales

  Step 5 - Wait months to get results

  Step 6 - Make little to no sales

  Step 7 - Accept failure and quit

  Step 8 - Start over

The Hamsterwheel Of Frustration not only sucked, but kept me stuck for 3 years - forcing me to start over, making less than I would working at McDonalds while working my ass off.

To be honest…

...I almost gave up on this whole idea of making money online

... But before I gave up..

I wanted to try something.

Something that - if it worked.

It would change everything.

And as you're about to find out, what I tried...

... It worked...

And I spent years turning it into a system...

And I Put This Entire System In A Masterclass Called The “Branded Dropshipping Masterclass” And You Can Start Watching It In Just A Few Moments From Now…

But before you do.

I’d like to introduce myself and tell you about how all this came to be.

My name’s Krste Kovaceski…

You probably haven’t heard that name before. That’s by design.

My life’s pretty good… I have multiple eCommerce brands, and regularly attend marketing conferences to sharpen my skills and meet interesting people, and I get to travel with my wife and daughter whenever I want.

Here are some fun adventures I had recently...

As of writing this, I’m currently living in Ohrid, a small but beautiful lake town in my home country of Macedonia that my wife is from.

As We Get To Know Each Other… You’ll Quickly Realize That I’m The Luckiest Person On Earth - So Let’s Talk About Where I Was On February The 14th, 2020

12 months before that I had moved to Macedonia to mine crypto because of the low electricity costs...

A few months later I got rekt in crypto...

This meant I had no business...

Which is why I got stuck at a dead end IT consulting job that I hated

... and I had found myself in debt after spending thousands of dollars on a marketing agency for a little eCommerce store I had built in my spare time

This meant I had to move to my grandma's house out in the village...

There’s a stupid myth out there.. that working hard and a good mindset is all you need…

… Well sometimes it isn’t..

And if you want to build an online business that actually makes money, mindset and hard work are almost never the answer...

I know, because I tried.

I worked hard, I thought positively, and I gave it everything I had.

I gave it my BEST shot.

And it didn’t work.

Because I played by the rules and I did everything right...

I Ended Up With Thousands Of Dollars Of Debt And I Hated It…

I hated it because it felt like I had no way out

I had goals, dreams and aspirations...I wanted more out of life...

...and my dead-end job wasn't going to give me the freedom I needed to be happy.

...and my grandma's village

So I did what everyone else out there does in this situation.

I started looking for a way out.

I looked everywhere and a few months later I found it.

I stumbled upon a conference where a group of guys and gals were talking about how they were "Branded Dropshippers" who were making 6 or 7 figures by dropshipping untapped, custom, branded products, with fast shipping times on complete autopilot, while traveling the world and doing whatever they wanted

This was a cool concept to me, and as I researched more and more I found that most of them were just like me.

They also eCommerce entrepreneurs that were leveraging dropshipping to avoid having to invest in inventory

The only difference was they were dropshipping high quality, branded products from US suppliers, while I was dropshipping saturated crap from China.

Products like this custom printed necklace with a message card:

Or this watch with a custom design on it: 

Branded Dropshipping Is One Of The Most Legitimate And Easy-To-Use Models If You Want To Build A Semi-Automated Online Business

Just think about it:

 How much more can you charge for a high-quality branded product? A lot more.

 And if you charge more, how much higher will your margins be? A lot higher.

 And how much easier is it to sell products that almost no one is selling because they’re too busy dropshipping crap from AliExpress? A lot easier.

 But also ask yourself, how likely is it that you will make sales if you find another person’s product that’s selling like crazy and create your own version with AI? Very likely.

Branded Dropshipping was the perfect thing for me...

And the best part that attracted me to doing it this way?

You Don’t Even Have To Drop Thousands On Ads And Inventory Yet Your Product Still Ship Fast

Which meant I could test this out without risking getting into even more debt...

All I had to do is copy an existing product, launch it using free TikTok traffic, and automate & scale by reinvesting in paid TikTok ads

And That Was The Birth Of My 8-Figure e-Commerce Empire

After doing a bit of research - I started working on my new store

I had no idea what supplier to you, what niche to pick, what to sell, and how to get traffic

All I knew how to do was design a good looking store

Here's what my Shopify dashboard looked like every morning:

And even though I had had some tech skills

I still had to figure out how to choose the right supplier, pick a niche, get a winning product, get traffic, etc.

Looking back, that first year was brutal.

Late nights.

Hard work.


That was my life and I was ready to quit.

But thankfully, I didn't…

Because on February 14th 2020, Valentine’s day, I launched a valentine’s day product…

And that is when my life took off…

Here's a post I made in my supplier's group just before my big break, when I was starting to figure stuff out

Here's what happened over the next couple of months:

And it just kept going...

That Was 4 Years Ago, And Fast Forward To Today And It Almost Seems Like A Bad Dream

I proved the idea of “following the traditional life path” to be all wrong…

Instead of being stuck as an IT consultant and living the same week over and over again until death…

I get to travel the world with my family, hang out with other marketers, and do whatever fun things I want while new money hits my bank account every day.

Chatting with a friend and writing this copy you’re reading.

I have my semi-automated eCommerce brands that allow me to have the freedom I’ve always wanted… no boss, no schedule, no location, no budget, nothing… 

I get to do whatever I want whenever I want, while my stores keep getting sales and growing…

Unlike 99% of people trying to make money online who end up with nothing to show for it..

You see most of those people will end up jumping from saturated business model to business model hoping that something sticks…

I did this for years, and it not only drove me crazy…

It drove me to the point where I was earning less than I would have at a corporate job, while working more

Instead of me having a freedom business that works without me, I was spending all my time trying different “side-hustles”, none of which ever worked.

And worst of all, I just kept losing more and more money, racking up more and more debt with each one…

Wanna Know What The Main Difference Is With The Branded Dropshipping Model And That “Old Way” Of Doing Things?

Normal Dropshippers always chase new crappy products from AliExpress to sell, and they’re competing with hundreds of others selling the same thing…

Rather than doing that and operating on a low margin just to lose all my revenue when my product dies, here’s what it looks like now..

And The Result Of Using This New Way?

Which Naturally Leads To...

I get to travel the world, meet interesting people, go to conferences, take my daughter to Disneyland whenever she wants to go, and work on exciting projects

And the best part is that I only work if, when, and however much I want to

I get to work from wherever I want (checking my crypto here lol, hope I don't get rekt again...)

I got to buy my dream car

Buy a car for my parents

Take my brother to Dubai

Build an amazing team

And the other really cool thing is that…

If you follow every single step that I’ll teach you inside the Branded Dropshipping Masterclass, it’s impossible for you not to end up with a semi-automated eCom store that sells high-margin products for you...

But it’s much more than that..

It’s Actually A Real Brand With Happy Customers That Come Back To Buy Again… A Well That Never Runs Dry

How many online business models have you seen come and go through the years?

 People try to dropship...  Or do affiliate marketing...  Or start a marketing agency...

The problem with these models is that once your product dies, your customers don’t come back and your income stops…

My customers have been returning  for 4 years straight now.

Now, speaking of the model...

I’m going to share something that’s a little bit disturbing with you.

Here it goes:

I am actually hurting my sales by telling you this instead of hiding it.

And the other gurus out there are making loads of money by teaching the opposite of what I teach (except it doesn't work).

Ready for it?

The #1 Mistake Everyone Else Makes Is Chasing A Quick Buck When Trying To Make Money Online

Here’s why:

There are two types of online businesses out there.

There are the "One Time Sale Businesses"  and there are "Money Over Time Businesses".

For my first 3 years in business - I had a One Time Sale Businesses

One Time Sale Businesses are always out there trying to get new customers because as soon as they stop getting customers, their revenue stops

Their strategy is to try to always get more and more customers by launching more and more products.

And by focusing on this strategy - they spend a ton of time and money on..

- Looking for new products 

- Testing new products

- Scaling before others copy them

All of this requires time, money, and energy.

The problem isn't the model itself it's that the income is unpredictable, the margins are low, and owning this type of business feels like a rollercoaster

And this is the same exact thing that happened to me before I figured out the Branded Dropshipping model.

The solution?

Selling High Quality, Unique, Branded Products So That Customers Come Back To Purchase Again

That's right...

I said it, even though we hold no inventory, we sell high-quality, unique, branded products...

...Because I rather get a customer that pays me over and over again, instead of having to always rely on getting new customers and competing on small margins

No thanks. I did that before and it sucks.

So here's the deal...

...I explain everything in the Branded Dropshipping Masterclass, it pulls back the curtain and shows you everything you need to know.

So Here's The $24M Idea Behind The Branded Dropshipping Masterclass Model

Right now, as you're reading this very page...

There's a lot of activity happening in the world of online business.

Everyone is seeing the influencers on social media making money online and living a life of freedom and abundance, so everyone wants in.

This has created a surge in people looking for different ways to make money online.

Now, after trying all these outdated, oversaturated business models and failing, most of these people are looking for a new solution...

And as you may have guessed it - we have it.

And what's really cool is that this new eCommerce model that we are teaching not only lets people start getting sales out of the gate without having any capital, tech skills, or an audience, but it also creates happy & loyal customers that give you money over and over again.

That's Right - Given A Choice They Rather Do Something New And Untapped Than A Saturated Business Model That Used To Work

And that's where the Branded Dropshipping Masterclass comes in...

It allows you to build a sustainable eCommerce brand in just 3 easy steps...

And that’s the difference here. 

When you set up your eCommerce store using this model the results are amplified and sustainable.

Instead of having to start over every few days after your “winning product” gets saturated or your business model dies

I’m not saying the traditional type of Dropshipping or every other online business model is bad.

What I’m saying is, if your goal is to have a consistent online that sells high margin products for you on autopilot, traditional dropshipping and these other business models you see on Youtube might actually be the thing that’s holding you back from getting it!

The traditional type of Dropshipping requires constantly looking for products, spending thousands on testing, and starting over all the time when your product gets saturated

Branded Dropshipping creates branded and unique products, letting your escape the competitive rat race so it just requires making slight tweaks to existing branded products and keeping your store online so your customers can come back and buy again.

And as a result? Your online income stream will be consistent and automated.

And that's why this is different.

And why countless people have been able to create 6 or 7 figure stores while still making time for their job, friends, family, and hobbies

And you know what? I'll Stake My Entire Reputation On This One Promise

You can build a 6 or 7 figure eCom store that finances your dream life...

And once you start using this Branded Dropshipping model...

Building a successful store isn’t something you ever need to worry about again - or even think about.

It’s something that will become effortless, since you will have the best information and the strongest business model available online.

Here’s what I want you to do now: set your calendar right now - set it to 7 days from today.

Because if you implement everything I’m going to share with you in the Branded Dropshipping Masterclass….

That’s when you’ll start seeing your first sales

That’s how easy this is. 

I know how ridiculous that sounds…and cliche that sounds…

And Just A Few Years Ago… I’d Tell You That You’re Crazy If You’d Ever Believe Such A Model Existed…

…But today I know better.


I don’t care how many times you’ve tried to start an online business or eCom store…

I promise you this…

Anyone can build a 6 or 7 figure eCom store with the right model (more on this below)..

Ultimately I want you to know one thing..

If I Can Do This, So Can You!

Because over 531 others have done it too by now since I first started teaching this model…

People with jobs and families, and people with no experience, tech skills, or capital

Here is a recent message I got on my discord by a student of mine that saw the first Branded Dropshipping Masterclass presentation:

and here's another reason
you too can do this

It took me 2 years to "figure this out"...

...and another 2 to perfect it.

Which is safe to say that there isn't anything left for you to figure out.

I already did all of the hard work for you.

I figured it all out.

Which means...there’s nothing for you to “figure out”.

You just need to watch the masterclass and most important of all - implement it!

That’s it…

Here’s The Exact 3 Step System Revealed In The Branded Dropshipping Masterclass For Creating An Automated e-Com Store That Consistently Pays Your Bills & More

Step 1 - Dropship untapped, custom branded, US supplier products  - I’ll get you set up with my supplier and show you the products to sell

Step 2 - Get free TikTok Traffic - This way you won't need to spend thousands on ads upfront to get started

Step 3 - Automate and scale with TikTok ads - I’ll give you my proven strategy that hundreds of people have already used to make $XXX in profit every day on autopilot

Those are the 3 steps to create an automated eCom store that finances your dream life

All of this is revealed in the Branded Dropshipping Masterclass in step-by-step detail.

Making it a counterintuitive approach to build a 6 or 7 figure eCom store for the person that seeks an automated online income stream and full time & location freedom

And that's not all, because...

here's what else you're going to discover in the Branded Dropshipping Masterclass

- The underground supplier platform I use to dropship high quality, custom products with fast shipping times - and how to use it

- Niche Store vs General Store vs One-Product Store: The definitive answer to the age old question finally revealed (hint: it’s not what you think…)

- The top 3 Shopify Themes that you can use to easily create a high-converting, trust-worthy, branded store, even if you have 0 tech skills.

- The most important page on your store and how to optimize it (this will make or break your store’s success)

- The 4 pillars of a high converting site (& how to correctly implement them)

- The only 5 apps your store needs, and why adding any other ones will kill your store.

- How to tell the difference between a good and a bad niche and the most common mistake that beginners make when picking a niche

- The best product type to sell to have high margins

- Anatomy of a winning product: How to develop “banger-vision” so you can effortlessly recognize opportunities and not waste time on something that’s destined to fail

- How I trained an AI model to come up with winning ideas on autopilot based on my past winning products, and how you can do the same without any code or tech skills

- How to use a free tool to find products that are currently crushing it, allowing you to make your own version and crush it too With No Guesswork

- How to use AI to quickly create your own version so that you don’t waste time coming up with ideas, learning graphic design, or spending money on designers

- Getting customers to buy more than 1 product: The counterintuitive key to beating the competition in 2024 and my 2 “secret sauce” ways to do it

- 3 TikTok account set up mistakes that are killing your chances of going viral - and what to do instead

- How to get organic TikTok traffic without followers and a loophole to circumvent the 1000 follower requirement to put a link in your bio

- The 3 TikTok video formats that you can use to make your products go viral and how to effortlessly create them using free AI tools

- How to reuse your first viral video over and over, so you don’t have to keep creating new videos from scratch all the time

- TikTok Ads 101: How to scale your product with paid traffic and generate sales on autopilot

- & much more

Plus I'm Going To Give You My FREE Traffic Startup Guide

Which will show you exactly how to get completely free traffic from TikTok initially, which will allow you to get sales and reinvest into ads. This means you no longer need thousands for paid ads.

And Before You Download The Branded Dropshipping Masterclass… I Want You To Know That There's No Catch!

I realize this is very inexpensive and that I’m practically giving it away…

And you’re probably wondering:

“If you’re doing so well with this, why would you give it away for next to nothing?”…

So there has to be a “catch”…

And I know there are some websites out there that offer you a great deal on something but then they stick you in some program that charges your card every month.

This isn't one of them. 

There's NO hidden "continuity program" you have to try or anything even remotely like that.

I'm literally giving you this entire masterclass, for $3.00, as a means of "putting my best foot forward" and demonstrating real value.

My hope is that you'll love it and this will be the start of a good business relationship for years to come. But with all that said, there is ONE thing to keep in mind:

This Won’t Last Long

The truth is...

I was planning on selling this masteclass for $97, but that meant it would be much more difficult to help more people.

The 1,973 people inside the mastermind where I first taught this were paying $297 and said that this masterclass was worth the price of entry by itself

...Which was was great, but then I realized hey - this is an masterclass it doesn't cost me anything to sell other than a few bucks to advertise it.

By lowering the price to $3.00 it allows me to impact more people and help them Build A Store To Finance Their Dream Life

I consider that at true win/win...

Also in most cases, I take a loss when selling the masterclass at this price.

It costs me just over $25.00 in advertising expense to sell one masterclass.

So why would I do that?

Simple. I'm making this offer with the idea that you'll be very impressed with what I'm giving you today, and you'll want to do more business with me in the future.

I'm betting that you'll enjoy the book so much, you'll call and ask to take additional classes or trainings from me. 

Pretty straightforward.

Anyway - with all of that said, this is a limited offer.

You're Also Getting My AI Shortcuts Guide

It will show you exactly how to leverage AI to do as much of the work for you as humanly possible, saving you time, money, and energy.

And there's no charge for it. I want you to have this as my gift for checking out the masterclass.

Plus I’m also gonna give you completely FREE access to my private eCom entrepreneur community where you'll get to meet myself and other interesting people on the same path as you, allowing you to share ideas, answer each other's questions and grow together.

Oh. And in case you're wondering ...


Of course there's a money-back guarantee.

In fact, I think it's ...

The BEST Money-Back Guarantee In The World


Our "Better Than Free" money-back guarantee.

I know that before I get into anything…

…I’d like to know what I’m buying and that it’s backed by a solid money-back guarantee.

And I want you to be comfortable with this purchase.

And even though it’s only $3.00

Like my grandpa used to say “Test drive the car before you drive it off the lot”…

So here’s what I’ve arranged:

Watch the Masterclass, digest the information, but more importantly apply what you learn.

And if you’re not blown away by what you learn.

Then just shoot me an email and request a refund within 30 days.

We’ll refund you your $3.00 and let you keep the Branded Dropshipping Masterclass free of charge.

How’s that for the world’s best money back guarantee? I’d say pretty good!

And since you’ve made it this far, I’ll assume that you’re ready to order, so with that in mind...

The BEST Money-Back Guarantee
In The World

Offer Expiry Date

 so Here’s How To Order Today...

Click the button below and fill out the order form, and you’ll be reading the 2 Hour Agency in the next 2 minutes.

Price: $5.60

(Save $31.40 today)Download The eBook For $37 Just $5.60! Delivered instantly. Start reading in the next 2 minutes.

Now Available.

Included In Your Order:

Backed by Our 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Delivered to: Your Email Address / Instant Download


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Watch The Masterclass For $97 Just $3.00! Delivered instantly. Start reading in the next 2 minutes.

Available For Instant Download

I’ll talk to you in our private FB Group that you’ll get instant access to as soon as you get access to the branded dropshipping masterclass.

Until then, to your success,

Krste Kovaceski

P.S. Remember, the Branded Dropshipping Masterclass comes with The BEST Money-Back Guarantee In The World.

Get it, watch it, implement it, get results. 

And if you’re not happy for any reason (and I mean ANY reason) - just let me know and we’ll refund you your $3.00 and even let you keep the content.

Here's What's Included In The Masterclass

- The Underground Supplier Platform I Use To Dropship High Quality, Custom Products With Fast Shipping Times - And How To Use It

- Niche Store Vs General Store Vs One-Product Store: The Definitive Answer To The Age Old Question Finally Revealed (Hint: It’s Not What You Think…)

- The Top 3 Shopify Themes That You Can Use To Easily Create A High-Converting, Trust-Worthy, Branded Store, Even If You Have 0 Tech Skills.

- The Most Important Page On Your Store And How To Optimize It (This Will Make Or Break Your Store’s Success)

- The 4 Pillars Of A High Converting Site (& How To Correctly Implement Them)

- The Only 5 Apps Your Store Needs, And Why Adding Any Other Ones Will Kill Your Store.

- How To Tell The Difference Between A Good And A Bad Niche And The Most Common Mistake That Beginners Make When Picking A Niche

- The Best Product Type To Sell To Have High Margins

- Anatomy Of A Winning Product: How To Develop “Banger-Vision” So You Can Effortlessly Recognize Opportunities And Not Waste Time On Something That’s Destined To Fail

- How I Trained An AI Model To Come Up With Winning Ideas On Autopilot Based On My Past Winning Products, And How You Can Do The Same Without Any Code Or Tech Skills

- How To Use A Free Tool To Find Products That Are Currently Crushing It, Allowing You To Make Your Own Version And Crush It Too With No Guesswork

- How To Use AI To Quickly Create Your Own Version So That You Don’t Waste Time Coming Up With Ideas, Learning Graphic Design, Or Spending Money On Designers

- Getting Customers To Buy More Than 1 Product: The Counterintuitive Key To Beating The Competition In 2024 And My 2 “Secret Sauce” Ways To Do It

- 3 TikTok Account Set Up Mistakes That Are Killing Your Chances Of Going Viral - And What To Do Instead

- How To Get Organic TikTok Traffic Without Followers And A Loophole To Circumvent The 1000 Follower Requirement To Put A Link In Your Bio

- The 3 TikTok Video Formats That You Can Use To Make Your Products Go Viral And How To Effortlessly Create Them Using Free AI Tools

- How To Reuse Your First Viral Video Over And Over, So You Don’t Have To Keep Creating New Videos From Scratch All The Time

- TikTok Ads 101: How To Scale Your Product With Paid Traffic And Generate Sales On Autopilot

- & Much More

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Here's What Others Have To Say

Washington H

"Learning Krste's strategies has definitely had a positive impact on the success I am currently having. In the 30 day revenue screenshot, note the start of the steep climb on March 7th which is when I started implementing the TikTok scaling strategy I learned during the call that same day."

Michael G

"My ROAS was around 2.5, but with the techniques and strategies taught by the Shift into Profits team, I was able to increase it to over 5! This not only increased my sales, but also helped me to reach a wider audience and grow my business in a sustainable way."

George P.

"In just 6 months, I went from zero to over $400,000 in sales! I couldn't believe the progress I made in such a short amount of time. Krste's strategies and techniques helped me to increase my profits, improve my business performance, and achieve my goals."

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Branded Dropshipping Masterclass for?

It’s for anyone looking for a way to profit online with eCommerce without dropshipping saturated low quality products from AliExpress or investing in inventory

What is the Branded Dropshipping Masterclass about?

It’s about the new eCom business model where you dropship branded, customized products from a US supplier. This way you don’t have to hold inventory, but you also get fast shipping times and build a real brand with happy customers.

How much do I have to spend on ads to start?

You won’t need to spend any money on ads if you don’t want to. You’ll learn a method to drive free TikTok traffic using AI generated videos. Then you can reinvest that money into ads to get a passive stream of sales and scale.

Where will I find these suppliers?

I’ll tell you the one I use and how to sign up with them.  I’ve sold over 8 figures worth of their products, so I can vouch that they’re very reliable.

How long does it take to see results?

This depends entirely on you, however students have gotten their first sale within a week and scaled to a decent daily profit within 2 weeks. Ones that leveraged our templates have been able to do so entirely on the side as well.

Does it come with a money back guarantee?

Yes! If for whatever reason you're not 100% satisfied with what you receive, not only will we refund you every penny, we'll also let you keep the product, that's how sure we are that you'll love this!

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A comprehensive guide revealing exactly how you can get your first sales using free TikTok traffic, allowing you to reinvest and get started without a multi-thousand dollar ad budget.

AI Shortcuts Guide

In this guide I'll show you all of the AI shortcuts that I've found, allowing you to save as much time, money, and energy by leveraging the hottest new technology. What I share in this video is like a cheatcode that will make your job 5 times easier.

Private E-Com Community

As a branded Dropshipping Masterclass member, you'll get access to a private community where myself and other eCom entrepreneurs talk shop, help each other out, and share the hottest new tactics & strategies.

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FREE Traffic Startup

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A comprehensive guide revealing exactly how you can get your first sales using free TikTok traffic, allowing you to reinvest and get started without a multi-thousand dollar ad budget.

Included With Your Order

AI Shortcuts Guide

(VALUE: $197)

In this guide I'll show you all of the AI shortcuts that I've found, allowing you to save as much time, money, and energy by leveraging the hottest new technology. What I share in this video is like a cheatcode that will make your job 5 times easier.

Included With Your Order

Private E-Com Community
(VALUE: $97)

As a branded Dropshipping Masterclass member, you'll get access to a private community where myself and other eCom entrepreneurs talk shop, help each other out, and share the hottest new tactics & strategies.

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- Jeff Bezos

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